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Lukas was born in 1883 and was an electrician and part time inventor. After World War I, he fell in with mystics in England. Returning home he decided to start his own cult. He “recruited” a vampire and was Embraced. He learned about true magic then. He dabbled with the Carthians, learned blood magic from the Circle and even snuck a look at the Lancea sanctum’s archives. He nearly met Final Death several times due to his curiosity.

The Ordo Dracul as more accepting of his research until it came out he was preaching heretical teachings. Unknown to most, his bloodline also became known. Rather than risk scandal they exiled him. On his own he delved deeper into the lore of the God-Machine. He learned of the strange cancer here and tracked it and other signals to the local Infrastructure. He knows the forces at work here will spread the disease across the Dakotas and Wisconsin. Realizing the God-Machine must be in error, he created a counter signal to stop it. He failed and his childe Virgil Faraday tossed his torpored form into the flames.


A wild haired old man who dressed in fashions a half century out of date.

Lukas Hub

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