Myriad Thoughts

Retrieval Team Zeta: Plague of Spiders

The team assembles at the regional office for Verdant Technologies in Chicago. Mason Olsen looks to see two of his team members absent. In their place he finds Conrad Lee, the former team leader; Jerry Sheen, a transfer from sales; and Mary Goodwin, a specialist in cryptids. He notes with alternating approval and disapproval that Richard Brian and Dorian are still on the team.

Mr. Samson comes in and briefs them on their mission. 3 days ago, a Caucasian man in his mid 40s was found by the side of Interstate 75 near Cincinnati by the state patrol. A vagrant named Michael Soares, his death has been ruled suspicious by the authorities. During the autopsy at Sky Health Hospital, the technician in charge, Dr. Carol Gregory, uncovered traces of an unusual parasite in the subject’s blood. Also a large amount of the subject’s brain was missing without any signs of external trauma.

They are informed that Dr. Gregory is an employee of Weild Health Care, a subsidiary of Weild Holdings. This report was intercepted and forwarded to the head branch. Cross referenced with similar cases on file, head branch determined there was a 87% chance this could be a nascent outbreak of Cerebraraneae Greenberga, or CA-B. Local reports have been falsified to buy time but the team needs to move on this immediately.

When asked about the disease, Mr. Samson tells them that the infection detected has been designated of the genus Cerebraraneae, essentially a microscopic type of spider which lays its eggs in the brains of mammals.

The commonest variety, designated CA-A, is relatively harmless. Common symptoms include headaches, itching sensations, nosebleeds, and irritability. Most cases end once the life cycle of the parasite is complete, a process which takes several days or weeks. At which point the host is induces to bite or otherwise exchange bodily fluids with another potential host. In a small percentage of cases, this leads to cerebral hemorrhaging, causing brain damage or death.

A treatment has been developed which cures the disease in better than 98% of cases. If need be the team will supplied with this after their mission is complete.

Strain CA-B has only recently been identified. There have been two known outbreaks before this one: Norfolk, VA in 2007 and Seattle,WA in 2010. Both cases were contained.

Strain CA-B causes a mutation in the life cycle of the parasite. In the majority of cases, this merely leads to the death of the host. In a minority of cases the parasites begin to feed off each other and the infected subject’s brain, causing the death of the host and the creation of a single large spider. They have yet to obtain a live specimen so the full properties of this creature are unknown. One recorded case suggests the spider can animate the body after death, serving as a surrogate brain.

From research obtained from the CDC, the treatment seems to be effective against strain B as well though at a lower level of success.

There is a strain C, though only one person has ever been confirmed infected by it. It seems more intense than Strain B but its full properties are unknown. Genetic studies on the remaining samples suggest it may be that strain B is simply a hybrid of Strain A and C. If they find any subject showing signs of unusual infection they are to secure them at once.

Their mission is to travel to Cincinatti and see what else Dr. Gregory has uncovered. Then they are to locate where the subject was infected and obtain a live sample of the parasite.
If they encounter examples of late stage infection, they are to secure them at once. Bonuses will be provided. Once they have secured the infected, radio HQ. The samples and the team will be recovered by private helicopter.

The trip to Cincinnati is uneventful. Arriving late in the afternoon, they stop at their hotel first to freshen up. Then they head to meet Dr. Gregory.

The hospital is a dreary and overworked building. The morgue is cluttered with corpses. Dr. Carol Gregory is an attractive dark haired woman. Sheen in particular flirts with her as they hear her findings. Beyond what they already know she gives them directions to where the victim was found and that Soares was known to hang out by the railroad tracks. The officer who found him was a Lt. Matthew Johns.

The team visits the site of where Soares was discovered. There are no many clues there but they manage to follow his path through the scrub partway to the railroad tracks. It seems he was becoming increasingly disoriented as he neared the spot where he eventually succumbed.

Their next stop is where he use to live. They talk to the local homeless, arranging to have an ambulance arrive as part of their cover as giving out free flu shots. Mary focuses her efforts on the local teens. she learns they’ve been recently chased off by the rapid security at a nearby mall. The mall is essentially closed but the security who works there seems paranoid about anyone getting close.

The rest of the team talks to a man who is upset at Soares for stealing a job he hoped to get at the mall. They convince him there is a threat of disease and he fills them in on what he knows. He hands them the flyer the recruiter was handing out. They send him to the hospital to be checked out with a free meal and warm place to stay the night.

With an obvious target, Olsen does some research. The mall was built prior to the recession and has seen all of its anchors leave one by one. Completely vacate since last year, it is still being maintained and guarded in the hopes of getting new clients. He gets a map for the three story high structure as well as the four story parking garage and incomplete four story hotel. He also calls the local manager, a Ms. Shaw, and arranges for a tour next day.

That night they stake out the building to get an idea of the security and any other useful information. There seem to be 8 security guards, recruited from the local destitute. They seem to live on sight in the hotel. Sleeping in shifts they work out their routines. Sheen has strange erotic dreams of Carol except she is part spider. Dorian dreams of being trapped in a web. Brian uses his Devil’s Eyes to look at the aura of the guards. They have religious devotion and a deep desperation about them.

The next morning, Mary and Olsen visit the mall. They run into some guards and then shown to Bob, the head of security. The overweight man, cheerfully shows them the facilities. As they walk around Mary thinks she can hear spiders in the ducts. At one point she sees a mannequin behind some blinds. It is wrapped in spider webbing and seems to struggle for moment. Then she blinks and it is gone.

Olsen asks Bob to see the heating and cooling machinery. Reluctantly he leads them downstairs. While Olsen occupies Bob, Mary hangs back. Examining some discoloration on a pipe, she momentarily gets her hand stuck. As she pulls it free she finds spider webbing stuck to her hand.

Then she hears a clicking noise from the darkness. Turning around she sees a massive scorpion thing with a human head where its mandibles should be. She snaps a picture and sends it to the team before fleeing. Conrad and the others rush to rescue her. She just reaches a door outside when the stinger slams into her throwing her out of the building. The team arrives as it slinks back into the darkness.

Olsen by this point is outside being shown the AC units. Bob realizes they lost Mary and gets nervous. As he radios his guards, the team calls Olsen. they explain the situation and Olsen tells Bob that Mary has already left. He thanks him for the tour and says he will be in touch.

As they race to the hospital, Brain is able deal with the poison. They find a doctor who will keep quiet and Mary is patched up. As she rests, they plan their strike for that night.

The Mall is fairly quiet that night. By the time Mary rejoins them, one team of guards has already gone to sleep. Lee uses his rifle to take down two guards before they can react, clearing access to the hotel. They ties up the drugged guards and sneak inside.

On the first floor they find Ms. Shaw tangled up in webs. She’s been kept here as a prisoner. As she struggles to escape they sedate her and cut her down. From the piles of food containers and the stink of refuse, she must have been here for months. Brian detects a second aura about her head. She’s infected.

They upstairs for now. Ambushing the two guard sleeping they quickly overpower them and tie them up as well. On the next level they find dozens of people hanging mummified in webs. Some are still alive. Brain presses his ear to a wall and hears movement upstairs. they leave the victims for now and head up.

On the 4th floor they find more victims, including one which has fallen to the floor. Suddenly Brain is hit by a glob of boiling spit. As he falls over in agony, they see a female form crawling across the ceiling covered in brown hairs. It launches another glob at Olsen, burning his legs.

The team holds together though and goes through with the plan. Lee throws a net over it while the other wrestle it to the ground. Then Mary ties up. As they step back from the angry beast, the “victim” they saw before launches herself at Brian. Revealing the glossy white mandibles inside her mouth she bites down on Brian’s neck, injecting a paralytic poison.

The rest of the team retaliate, tearing away its hide and revealing a chitinous armor. The monster rips into Brian and lets him seemingly lifeless form crash to the ground. Lee’s knife seems to be the only thing hurting it while the first figure tries to escape. Mary drugs it while Sheen keeps it grappled.

The Spitter slows its movements as the drugs take effect. With one foe out of commission, Sheen joins the fight against the mimic. Lee meanwhile takes a nasty bite from the creature before slicing into it again. Dorian manages to crack its chitin with his brass knuckles and Sheen smashes its head open on the floor. It dissolves into a swarm of spiders which he hastily bats off of him.

Olsen meanwhile stops Brians bleeding and slows the damage of the poison. The team makes a strategic withdrawal taking the specimen and 7 survivors they found including Ms. Shaw. They radio the chopper and fill in HQ about what happened.

In the days to come they learn that the monsters have fled the mall and that no further victims were found alive. They also learn that Carol Gregory is missing and signs point to her having been killed the day before they arrived…

Retrieval Team Zeta: Hedge Leakage

The team meets in the new regional office for Verdant Technologies in Chicago. 5 strangers shuffle nervously around a desk as their tired boss, Mr. Samson, looks over his notes. The room is incomplete with a wall missing and bare drywall showing on the others.

After a moment, Samson addresses them. He has them introduce themselves each in term: Alyssa Ortega, previous team member and security expert; Dorian, part of a company drug testing program; James Reynolds, a transfer from management; Mason Olsen, an accounting manager and new team leader; and Richard Brian, corporate researcher in search of field experience.

Their cheerless boss briefs them on their mission. People have gone missing in Lewisburg, PA. Over 10 people have disappeared in the town this summer. The local authorities have turn up nothing. Lewisburg hosts Bucknell University and 3500 students are due to arrive in a couple weeks.

Their mission is to Lewisburg and search the town for the source of the disappearances. The company wants them to keep careful track of their own experiences and any anomalies they detect in their perceptions. If they encounter any extranormal entities, they are to capture them and radio for recovery.

The retrieval team makes some requests before leaving, getting supplies of tranquilizers and restraints. Olsen calls ahead to the Lewisburg authorities and talks to the local sheriff, Barbara Cox. He explains to her that they are investigating the disappearance of a company employee and asks for her help. She offers to give them a tour when they arrive.

The drive to Pennsylvania is long and boring, passing through endless stretches of farmland and pockets of forest. Driving into the night, some people try to catch some sleep in the white company van. Suddenly Alyssa swerves to avoid hitting something. Alyssa asks what it was but noone seems willing to discuss it. They pass a sign welcoming them to Lewisburg.

They pull into a ratty motel. Olsen confirms their reservations with the night manager, a cheerful man named Tim Dyer. Dorian’s eyes grow as he notices that the veins in Tim’s bright green eyes are not red. They are green.

No one else notices however and they arrange themselves in their rooms. Alyssa takes the farthest room next to Reynolds. Olsen and Brian share a room to defray costs, taking the room with a door into Dorian’s to keep an eye on the disturbed artist.

While Reynolds enjoys a good night’s rest, Dorian tosses and turns, plagued by visions of the manager’s green stained eye and the sound of rushing vines. Alyssa wakes up in the night to find the TV talking to her. She shuts it up by pushing it over, breaking the ancient machine. This causes Dorian to go out and see what happened. The two talk but neither is willing to discuss the strange stuff they’ve seen. Both however keep careful notes about what they experienced.

Later that night, Olsen and Brian hear someone talking outside their window, playing at something like marbles and making bets with strange items: milkteeth and last gasps. They jot down everything they hear.

As down breaks they are awaken by a bird chirping out a song like a car alarm. Olsen and Brian investigate outside their room while Alyssa takes a jog. The two men find a loose circle in the dirt that stains the parking lot. Someone was out here last night. Alyssa meanwhile tours the small town. The sleepy village is quiet with only a large black dog trotting around. The wolfhound carefully watches her from across the street. Finally Dorian gets up and has his pills. He notices that he isn’t having his usual cravings.

The team enjoys a continental breakfast. As they eat they open up about their various experiences. Brian reveals his research into last night’s “visitors”. The terms used point to the existence of a fairy market. Dorian also notices that the morning supervisor, Mrs. Dyer has her husband’s green eyes. Weirdly when asked, she explains it is because they are married.

As they chew on that mad tidbit, they notice some children hurrying down the street, apparently fleeing a large black dog. The team quickly finishes their meal and follow the kids down to the road. As they reach the edge of town they find the fields overgrown with vines. The eventually notices them and runs off into the brier patch.

As they talk to the frightened children, the sheriff pulls up. while some them try to extract information from the children, Olsen keeps the officer occupied. He convinces her to call animal control while they take the children back home themselves. The children claim that the dog was really a wolf. One of them tells the team that kids have been going missing and mentions Tommy as one of the victims. The sheriff explains that Tommy’s folks moved away. The team however notes that the sheriff has green eyes.

While Alyssa and Reynolds take the kids home, the rest of the team goes to the Sheriff’s Office. Olsen uses his contacts to put some pressure on the sheriff’s secretary. They find that she (and the drunk in the cell in the back) are both normal. Olsen is able to convince her to give him the records of all the disappearances that summer. The team finds that most of the victims are from the poorer areas of town.

Brain meanwhile talks to the drunk, a jaundiced individual who thinks the town is being taken over by aliens. He says he has seen lights in the woods behind the university. He thinks that people are being replaced and mentions that the water tastes funny. The drunk manages to convince the scientist to give him some beer money.

Meanwhile Alyssa manages bring one child home. The second however seems to resist. She confides that they have the strange green eyes afflicting half of the town. The monster hunters decide to take both remaining children to the final parent.

They find April Lockwood at home. The normal seeming woman works at the university and with a little encouragement agrees to take care of both kids. Alyssa leaves a business card with her after asking if she had any strange experiences. Drinking some bottled water, the young woman says no but that she will keep it in mind.

New information in hand, the team regroups behind the university. Entering the woods, they find them suspiciously overgrown with dense nests of thorn bushes. The plants seem to be almost visibly growing around them. Following a trail they find their way to a pump site for the local water works. One of the pipes has sprung a leak and a pool of water surrounds it. From a careful examination it looks like someone has attempted to fix the leak.

Dorian meanwhile is distracted by a beetle that lands on his hand. Looking closely he sees it has a human face. He flicks it off, sending it screaming and relays his discovery to the others. Brain takes samples of the water while the others notice the sunlight dimming from approaching clouds.

Then a chipmunk starts talking to them. From it they learn that the animals around here are getting smarter and stranger. They are looking forward to the market which will arrive once the storm breaks. As it talks it references something called “over there” which is where these vines and the “Big Bad Wolf” came from. It also reveals that people with green eyes have been infiltrated by “over there”.

Thanking the chipmunk, they decide on their next move. The pipes lead to the university and the chemical plant. Deciding that the plant might be putting something in the water they drive north.

Rain begins to fall, growing quickly in force and speed. The team heads to Walmart to gear up. Alyssa gets a rifle while Brain works on a makeshift flamethrower. They also get some machetes. Then they try to leave town. The fields to either side of the road turning into blurry overgrown fields of brambles. The vines seem to be growing towards the road, closing off the town.

Suddenly they find themselves turned around, heading back to town. Realizing something strange is going on they stop. From the van they can see vines visibly growing along the side of the road as the storm rages overhead. They also notice a chemical company truck by side of the road a few hundred yards away. They drive up and get out to investigate.

They find the portly occupant looking over his GPS, trying to find his way out of town. While Olsen talks to him, Brain investigates in the back and finds a tank filled with BSNX-8. They confront the employee of Edron and he reveals the truth. The man, Scott Norris, was ordered to put a special mix of chemicals into the water and test the concentration hourly. But then he noticed people acting weird, seeing things. Then the kids started vanishing. He’s sure they are putting something like LSD into the water. He just wants out.

They let him go and he heads for the bridge, hoping to escape town that way. Then they get a call from April. The woman frantically tells them that vines are growing all around the house and that the university professors are cutting up people. The team drives to house as fast as they can.

They pull up onto the lawn. As they hack the door open, Alyssa tries the flamethrower. The device fails and the leave the soldering tubing there, taking April and the two children with them.

As they reach the university, they find the vines consuming it. Using the excess flame thrower fuel they create a ring of fire and use themselves as bait. Soon a monstrous wolf and a towering witch climb out of the darkness.

Alyssa snipes wolf twice before it tears into Reynolds. The team gangs up on the monster, shooting and beating on it until it collapses. In that time the witch has manages to cross the flames, shrouding itself in fire and grabbing Alyssa from the top of the van. The team’s bullets ring off of its armored apron. But while Alyssa slices into it with her implanted metallic claws, Dorian crashes the van into it killing it.

The team grabs the bodies and escapes the rapidly disappearing town. Late they learn that the very existence of the town has disappeared from existing records.

The Outsiders

Chou Fang and Malachi Pilgrim cruise along the highway through Montana. They while away the time talking about their respective journeys and the paths that led them to being hired by Patia. They agreed to locate the crackpot Lukas Hub and bring back whatever he knows about the God-Machine back to the tall cold Osirian.

On a highway in Wisconsin, two vampire cruise along at night in a towering semi-truck. Ruth doesn’t trust the academic in the passenger seat but Virgil Faraday did volunteer to deal with Lukas, his sire. The vampire is a possible threat to the Masquerade and the Ordo Dracul’s reputation. Virgil quietly wishes Lukas had learned to keep quiet when he was exiled. His mad internet posting are bad enough but it might cast an unpleasant light on Virgil as well.

A few nights later, the Fang drives her pickup the icy gravel driveway to Lukas’s farmhouse. A gentle snow is illuminated by the headlights. The farmhouse itself is dimly lit. Disturbingly light is spilling out the open front door.

Suspicious they stop the truck and creep forward to investigate. All around the house are trails in the snow leading to and from the house. Malachi sneaks around to the back door. It is open and a trail leads from it into the dark woods at the edge of the property. Fang meanwhile finds the furniture in the front room in disarray. A laptop lies broken on the floor amid some drops of blood.

Malachi joins Fang in the front room as the sound of a semi-truck comes rumbling down the rough snow clad driveway. They hide outside the back of the house. Poking from the snow, they can make out the wreckage of some sort of structure made from metal struts.

The semi comes to a halt near the house. The vampires get out and enter the building. As Ruth begins to look around for clues for what happened here, Virgil places his hand on the laptop. He sees a vision of Lukas working on some sort of radio signal when suddenly a strange clacking noise can be heard. The windows are smashed in and pale things with blood spurs of bones protruding from them attack.

Meanwhile outside the Prometheans hear a strange clacking noise from the woods, indeed from all around the house. They retreat to the house and lock the back door. Ruth hears the intruders and cloaks herself in invisibility. Virgil left on his own, hides himself in the closet. Malachi however hears him. The Wretched decides to go into the front room anyway. He locks the door and moves a cabinet in front of one window.

As he turns to the last window, Ruth appears in front of him. She snarls attempting to scare him off but the Promethean seems to lack some of those emotions. Then two pale creature of bone and frostbitten flesh tumble through the broken window. Banging can be heard from the front and back doors. Fang joins them in the front room to fend off the things.

Virgil bolts from his hiding space and, guessing Lukas’s hiding spots, pulls up the rug. He drops down the revealed trap door. Malachi swiftly follows while Fang bashes one. She takes a bite for her troubles and retreats downstairs. Ruth knocks out one with a mighty blow and then closes the trap door behind her. Malachi turns the wood steel, momentarily revealing that he is made from the stitched parts of several people.

Trapped together, the two sides talk about what happened and who each of them is. Malachi realizes from the auras these are vampires while Virgil recalls rumors of creatures like this. While they chat, Ruth examines the space they are in. There is a coffin, used by the melodramatic Lukas, but it is empty. Someone broke it open and judging from the blood, it was a Gangrel, not a Mekhet like Lukas. More promising, there is a secret passage behind it. They crawl through the hand dug tunnel to the woods at the edge of the property.

Looking back at the house they see a large floating gear. Suddenly it flies off at high speed. They return to the trail leaving the house and follow it to the road. Realizing they need vehicles they sneak back and recover them.

They drive to the nearest town but everything is quiet and closed. Virgil decides to repair the computer and so they head to a closed electronics store. As the Prometheans catch up, Ruth picks the lock. It takes Virgil an hour to repair computer at which point he finds it is password protected. Malachi rattles off the top 10 common passwords. Lukas turns out to use #9.

On the computer are aimless ramblings as well as recordings and analysis of radio transmissions picked up by his radio telescope in the backyard. The signals are clearly artificial and seem to have been coming from two locations. One is Orion’s belt. The other is a spot near the horizon that seems constant year round. Checking with Google maps, it is clear they are a series of high voltage lines south of his property. In Lukas’s analysis he determines the signal is a code. He was working out a return signal, a signal he intended to send soon. Virgil determines he would need a powerful radio transmitter, such as the KVLY tower about an hour away.

A police car pulls up out front. The supernaturals slip away. As they pull away they consider looking at local transmitters but decide to go to power lines instead.

An hour drive to the south, the power lines tower over the flat country side. Malachi can feel the power and Pyros coming off of them. Fang points out that there is Flux coming off in equal amounts. Malachi decides to climb up and investigate. As he grabs the line electricity arcs around him. His disfigurements revealed, a giant gear flies overhead. It flies off following the lines to the south. Virgil points it out to Ruth and they pursue it. Rejuvenated, Malachi climbs down and he and Fang attempt to catch up with the vampires.

The vampires soon reach a point where the power lines split. There are some new lines crossing to road, heading west. As they sit and try to decide which way to go, they spot another flying gear. They follow it along country roads west. The Prometheans trail them following the flow of Pyros and Flux.

Still not at their destination, the sky begins to brighten. The vampires and Prometheans pull over to the side of the road. they make their way to an unused barn on foot. Virgil buries himself under hay while Ruth simply melds with the earth. Fang and Malachi promise to watch over them.

As the morning turns to afternoon, Malachi and Fang hear sounds of children playing. They spot two young boys throwing snowballs at each other while two teenage girls look on. The Reanimated decide to sneak off.

They follow the power lines to a small town. As they travel the single street, they can feel the Flux saturating the area. A group of teens playing on their phones suddenly pause and begin to stare at them as one. They quickly hurry to the edge of town and wait for trouble to arrive.

A woman walks up the road to their truck and asks if they need directions. Malachi says sure and she begins bringing up a map on her phone. Then the phone begins to short out. A cracking noise can be heard from her head as the back of her skull expands. She turns to them and tells them they should leave. They are not part of the plan. Then she snaps out of it and shows them the way back.

They quickly drive back to the barn and wait until night. As night falls the vampires emerge. The group plans their next move. As they do they hear about a break in at the blood back in Fargo. They realize it must be Lukas. They decide to check out the nearby KVLY tower.

After a short drive the reach the tower. Distantly overhead they can see the red warning lights blinking at 2000 feet. The building at the base however is dark. They find an orange pickup out front, the engine still warm. Ruth brutally disables it, pulling out the spark plugs.

A scruffy looking vampire comes outside to meet them. He tells them to leave. When pressed he reveals that the local Prince has already dealt with Lukas. It is clear however that he is holding back something. Malachi ignites his hand and advances on him. while Virgil and Ruth keep their composure, the Gangrel flees.

They head inside and soon find Lukas. His bloody, bullet riddled body is lying in pool of blood on the second floor. Around him is a jury rigged set of electronic equipment. To Virgil and Malachi’s practiced eye, it looks equal parts science and occultism. Lukas was trying to complete a ritual. Everything seems to be here, except for a mystical infusion of blood.

Suddenly they can hear the sound of cracking bones from outside and the first floor. Fang looks for a way out. Malachi however decides to destroy the building. He find the main junction box and converts it to pure magnesium. It bursts into flames, sparking and cracking. Flaming debris stabs into him like shrapnel while the building catches fire.

Ruth rides her fear frenzy and jumps out a window, fleeing into the night. Fang slips out before the monsters or the flames can close. Malachi writhing in pain, jumps out the window. He lands badly and begins rolling along the ground trying to put himself out. Fang finds him still burning. She covers him with snow but he is badly burned.

Inside Virgil quickly searches Lukas, stuffing some papers on him in his coat. He then kicks his sire into the flames. He jumps out the window before the room goes up and runs to Ruth’s semi. As he feels his sire pass on, the creatures close with them.

Pales skiined former huamns, they have elogated arms with bone claws, mouths filled with needle like teeth and spurs of bone pushign out of their skin. Ruth outraces them as she tries to make it back to the truck. They claw at her coat but fails to reach her flesh. As she gets insde, one of them lands on the hood and scratches at the window.

Malachi gets in the pickup and starts it up. He slides over as Fang catches up. One of the things chips at the window. As Fang guns the engine, it breaks through. Malachi grapples it hoping to drag it along with them. It squirms free and falls behind.

The semi makes a wide turn, throwing off the one on the hood and crushes several along the way. Once they have put some distance between them, they stop and Virgil jumps out to checks if there are any remains left to study.

As he looks under the back wheels, one of the things jumps out at him. He dodges and Ruth stabs it in the back, severing its spine. Sample in hand, they leave.

Farther off in the night, they look over Lukas’s notes. It seems he realized that the God-Machine was creating these parasitic cancers that respond to electromagnetic signals. It intended to send a signal using the tower to spread the effect over the whole region. Lukas hoped to stop it. He failed but in their own way they saved everyone.

The Prometheans return to Patia while the vampires go home, their mission a success.


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