James Reynolds

Corporate Social Climber

Virtue: Ambitious Vice: Decitful
Willpower: 4 Health: 7 Integrity: 6
Size: 5 Speed: 10 Initiative: 5 Defense: 4


Mental Physical Social
Power Intelligence 2 Strength 3 Presence 3
Finesse Wits 2 Dexterity 2 Manipulation 3
Resistance Resolve 2 Stamina 2 Composure 2


Mental Physical Social
Academics research 2 Athletics 2 Animal Ken 0
Computer 0 Brawl Boxing 1 Empathy 0
Crafts 0 Drive 0 Expression 1
Investigation 1 Firearms 1 Intimidation 2
Medicine drugs 2 Larceny 0 Persuasion cutting a deal 2
Occult 1 Stealth 1 Socialize 2
Politics 2 Survival 0 Streetwise 1
Science 0 Weaponry 0 Subterfuge lying 3


Fast reflexes 2
Professional Training – Professional (3) Contacts with Verdant Technologies and Clients. Professional skills are Academics, Medicine, and Persuasion and get 9 agains
Resources (2)
Status 2 Cheiron
Striking Looks (1) +1 to social rolls when looks play a part.
Sympathetic 2

Yes, you realized that it was going to be tough work. Yes, you heard that they went out and captured monsters. Yes, you heard sometimes the monsters got them. You assumed it was a metaphor. Then they threw you and the other fresh recruits into a training mission with zombies!

So now you know the truth. But you are tough and resourceful. You were the school valedictorian, the class president and voted most likely to succeed. You’ve crushed the careers of others to get here. You won’t let this stop you.

Get promoted out of here. Make the squad leader look hopeless, get these idiots on the team to catch the monster (without you getting hurt or splattered with ichor of course), and get put in charge. Then you can lead from the safety of the rear.

And make the big bucks.

Post Mission

That did not work out well but at least you survived. Next time avoid being savaged by a wolf.

James Reynolds

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